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Enabling the poor and the needy for self-reliance



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In Delhi, there are a lot of slums where extreme poor people live. They don’t have a house having modern facilities. Most of the people live in tents or little huts made of any material available. These huts or tents do not have proper sanitation or electricity.
        The residents of these huts experience a lot of hardships like disease or other physical infirmities. They don’t have any savings for future for they don’t have a permanent source of income. The state of the children from these families is very deplorable. They don’t get proper education or nourishment.
        Children from these areas start their life in doing menial works in the surroundings, and the little income they get helps them with their family for a living.
        The Trust made a lot of projects and other programmes for the empowerment and betterment of these people. The women of these areas are coordinated to form small Self Help Groups, and this helps them find job opportunities and an income. Therewith, they are practiced in saving a small amount for future.
         The children from these areas are made aware of the education, and made them go to school. The Trust conducts supplementary education for them for their educational betterment. The girls who do not go for further education are given training in sewing, tailoring, computer, etc., and provide for them facilities which help them find some sort of self-employment.
        The Trust has many other programmes like medical aids, delivering of clothes, delivering of study materials, etc. At present, we get a better result in the endeavor.

In slums and colonies, people don't have proper residence, or modern facilities like electricity, and so on. Our projects help them have a good future in life
Huts like this one in colonies are not at all secure. The unhygienic atmosphere can also be seen. These areas ought to be developed.

A slum hut with no any facility of a good living in Delhi.
A lot of children like these live in such an unhealthy situation.
An unhygienic surrounding can be seen
around this slum hut.

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