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Enabling the poor and the needy for self-reliance



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For rehabilitating and educating the slums, we carry on many activities like health plans, housing plans, educational plans, recreational plans, occupational plans, etc.

Thousands of huts and tents can be seen in Delhi and other provinces like UP, etc. Thousands of families live in these tents or huts in slums with no proper education, nutrition, health-care, employment, sanitation, or any consideration of this kind.

Because of severe poverty, most of the families are incapable of sending their children to schools for a study. Even when they are very young, they are forced for child-labour. They don’t have any recreation, or any kind of encouragement from anywhere.

In slums, sanitation is very poor. Many families from these slums find their livelihood through rearing animals like goats and cows. These animals will always be just around their huts or tents. It causes diseases to be spread out. But, they don’t get enough treatment in time.

Many people including children are illiterate. We provide many programmes for their literacy and education. We have already developed many centres for the training of these poor people.

Another thing we conduct is that we adopt children from the needy families, and all the facilities for the study and a livelihood are provided. Most of the things we carry out are not directly by us, but by the donations you provide enable us carry out things as God Almighty wishes.

We have formed an SHG & Micro Finance system for the very poor people. With the help of this system, they can find their savings and develop.
Staff of OCT is standing before the Delhi office
People attend an open-air meeting which may help them in every way possible that OCT puts forward
An executive visits the slum-hut of a very poor family, and gives them instructions on the importance of education, health and sanitation
We are also one of the leading consultants in India for giving instructions and training to other NGOs, functioning throughout the country. Our executives and representatives are of outstanding experience in this field, and they are invited by other NGOs for often to get their rehabilitated people, trained and instructed
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