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Enabling the poor and the needy for self-reliance



 a) Ram Singh Kaira (MLA, Nainital, Uttarakhand) inaugurates the computer training center and the various training programmes for women Read more..

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Gender based discrimination is manifest in female feticide, chronic neglect of the girl child unequal wages, non recognition of women, unequal contribution to family labour, lack of access and control over resources, lack of decision making opportunities, and increasing violence and crimes against women. In a largely patriarchal society women are kept in the web of low income, low education and low health.

Women represent the biggest group that has been deprived of political power, economic development and social upliftment. Women are denied their human rights, access to education, vocational training, employment and housing. They are excluded from the decision making process and economic self sufficiency. Sadly such women are often denied the opportunity to contribute to the mainstream.

Substandard living conditions, inadequate food and nutrition proximity to chronic and vulnerable diseases and lack of proper awareness have collectively made their lives more and more horrible. These eventualities compel them to borrow money from the local money lenders at usurious interest rates. These money lenders even charge interest @120% of the money rendered.

The SHG and micro fiancÚ programme of the trust envisages to develop soft skills of women from the marginalized circumstances for their upliftment and empowerment to improve their leadership qualities and to become self reliant to run micro credit and micro enterprises.
Our Strategy

  1. Formation of self Help groups for the poor and needy women.

  2. Training for the group members to make them capable of doing their own planning, designing and implementation.

  3. Train the SHGs to take responsibilities of processing loan applications and also undertake the responsibilities of monitoring, collection of repayment, dealing with defaulters etc. in a more effective manner.

  4. Help the SHGs to get federated so that they share their resources at the community level. Members should be able to access credit not only from their group but also from the federated body.

  5. SHGs should be capable of taking up development activities for their communities in a collective and constructive approach.

  6. Help the SHGs to establish linkages with financial institutions like CAPART, NABARD AND Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, etc.

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