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Enabling the poor and the needy for self-reliance



 a) Ram Singh Kaira (MLA, Nainital, Uttarakhand) inaugurates the computer training center and the various training programmes for women Read more..

 b) People gather around a medical camp Read more..

 c) Some voluntary social workers visit Read more..

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 e) The OASIS chief executive meets Sheila Dikshit Read more..

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In India, gender equality is a very great problem. It affects the poor families badly and severely. In the case of the slums and the poor villages, the women experience a lot of hardships. The social set-up of those areas forbids the female persons from going to school, going for office works, going for different professions, finding self-employment, etc. The caste and religious system of India also play an important role in treating the women sect like this. In most of the cases, women are not respected or termed to be important as that of men sect. They are, most often, treated as mere menials in every field of the society.
OASIS Charitable Trust puts forward a lot of plans in purpose of empowering the women to the standard of men sect.

Our Strategy
    •  The executives of the Trust periodically visit the slum areas and other areas where the poor and the down-trodden people reside, and conduct a detailed survey.
    • The owners of the houses are made aware of the importance and the necessity of equality for the women sect.
    • If girl children are seen deprived of education for they are female, the Trust executives convince them of the importance of education, and the necessity of becoming high standard in society.
    • If the Trust sees the women are blocked away from going for any profession for a living, the awareness is done, and makes necessary chances for them to find suitable opportunities.
    • The Trust co-ordinates the neglected women together to form groups and, it make them work together. OASIS’s SHG programme is conducted on these grounds.
    • Very poor children are selected and, supplementary education and training are freely given for them.
    • Many intellectual and recreational occasions are created for the better mental development of the women sect.
    • OASIS knows well that the awareness and education programmes can redeem this situation.
    • The Trust respects and promotes the women’s right very promptly.

The following pictures show the different activities of the Trust that empower the women that may lift them up to the equality to the men sect.


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