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Enabling the poor and the needy for self-reliance



 a) Ram Singh Kaira (MLA, Nainital, Uttarakhand) inaugurates the computer training center and the various training programmes for women Read more..

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 e) The OASIS chief executive meets Sheila Dikshit Read more..

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For the empowerment and betterment of the poor and the needy women and children from the down-trodden areas, OASIS works out many projects in the different parts of the country. At present, the Trust very actively works in the slum and village areas of Delhi, Tamilnadu and Uttarpradesh.

Most of the people who live in these areas are very poor, and are suffering from different types of difficulties like poverty, physical infirmities, tuberculosis, under nourishment, lack of sanitation, lack of education, unemployment, etc. These situations mostly affect the women and the children. All the projects of the Trust are for the sake of the empowerment of the women and children of those areas. The Trust comes to know that there exists severe gender inequality among the poor people of these areas. The main reasons for this are the lack of education and poverty. Our projects emphasizes on some particular points which can redeem all these issues.

Our Strategy
    • Most of the poor children from these areas neither go to schools, nor do they get sufficient education according to their situation. The Trust makes opportunities for them to go to schools, and therewith, a supplementary educational system is carried on.
    • People from these areas suffer from different types of diseases like tuberculosis, etc. The Trust conducts periodical medical camps for them, and free treatment and medicines are provided.
    • Women are in the most deplorable state of life in these slums, colonies and poor villages. The Trust coordinates them into small Self Help Groups, and helps them find small jobs and save money for future.
    • Girls from these areas are given proper training in different technical fields, and are helpedto find an employment.
    • The Trust encourages self-employment among the trained poor girls.
    • Many means of self-employment like sewing machines and computers are freely distributed among the poor girls from the above cited areas, and so, the self-employment is promoted.
    • The trust knows well that all these can empower a society which has been suffering from many hardships for long.

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